Polaris Lights bring you elegant oil lamps from Scandinavia. We try to push and challenge the status quo with our creations, by merging traditional products with new and modern designs. Our creations are characterized by three pillars: Simplicity, Minimalism and most importantly Functionality, which are also the three most important elements of Scandinavian Design. We take pride in our heritage and we aim to bring the best of our craft to the world!

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Polaris Lights currently offer two different models of The Saint collection - Silver Light and Black Agate.

The Silver Light has a clean and luxurious look. The polished silver finish, with gold wick-holders and wires, has a very elegant and stylish design.

The Black Agate has a deep color and a rustic look. The dark and black finish, with silver wick-holders and wires, has a timeless and strong design. 

Changing of Seasons

Changing of Seasons

At Polaris Lights, we want to gather thoughts and impressions from working professionals within the design community. We often talk to architects, designers and influencers to capture their thoughts on design, cultures and creativity. This October, we talked to Tamara Landia, an architect by education, lecturer at Lund University within the Strategic Communication department, and a passionate jewelry designer on her spare time. Read her thoughts on the importance of light below.
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Polaris Lights - Silver Light

The Beauty of Oil Lamps

The oil lamp was developed when there was a need for more efficient lighting at light houses. Early light houses used to burn wood to create light, which needed a light keeper to control the fire.
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Introducing Polaris Lights and The Saint collection

Introducing Polaris Lights and The Saint collection

The time has come to introduce ourselves and Polaris Lights. Finally we are able to bring our highly anticipated product to the U.S. and we are very excited to share The Saint collection with our customers.
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