Frequently asked questions

Safety First

This product is not recommended for use around small children or in areas easily accessible by pets.

Ensure nothing flammable is 2.25 ft of The Saint in any direction and will not be disturbed by wind and weather conditions

Fill The Saint with fuel as required for the maximum duration of your intended use. (6.75 oz of fuel lasts about 1 hour, with a wick height of 2 mm)

Make sure to use all the fuel in the lamp each time you use The Saint

Q&A about the lamp

  • Can this lamp be used outdoors, is the material waterproof?
When using The Saint in open areas, make sure the wind cannot reach The Saint. The Saint is made out of strong aluminum and coated with stainless steel but should not be left out in direct weather for an extended period of time.


  • How do you install The Saint?
  1. Carefully remove the plastic bag surrounding The Saint using the gloves.
  2. Visually inspect The Saint for any irregularity. If damaged, see information below.
  3. Adjust all wicks to the stipulated height between 2 - 3 mm. If wicks are too short, lengthened by hand, or with needle. If the wicks are too long, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut off the top. Avoid pressing wicks through the wick-holder.
  4. Hang The Saint on a hook, which can support 45 lbs.
  5. Make sure the distance from the ceiling to the rim of The Saint should be at least 2.25 ft.
  • How do you refuel the lamp?

Before the first use, adjust the wicks to the correct height. Thereafter, mount the fuel filler onto the bottle of lamp oil. To avoid leakage while filling The Saint, screw on the fuel filler tightly. Only fill the amount of fuel that will be used and refuel when needed. The recommended amount is 6.75 oz per use. The lamp should be refueled before each use, and all fuel in the lamp should be used each time you use The Saint.

  • What kind of fuel does the lamp use?

We recommend a high-quality paraffin oil, which prevents sooting. After purchasing our lamp, you will receive links to a few suggestions where you can purchase high-quality fuel.

  • Can the lamp be refueled while it is hanging?

Yes, the lamp can easily be refueled while it is hanging.


  • How much light is provided by the lamp?

The light, which is emitted from The Saint, is approximately 117 lumens (which is equivalent of nine regular candles).


  • How long do the wicks last? How difficult is it to replace the wicks?

The wicks are eternity wicks made out of glassfiber, which last a lifetime. Once adjusted to the correct height, the wicks may need adjustments once a year for normal users (200-500 hours per year).

Fuel will burn twice as fast if the wicks are not at the correct length

  • My wicks are not visible?
During transport, the length of the wicks might change. In rare occasions, you may need to unmount the wick holder and push the wick through the holder. A small wrench is supplied to unmount the wick holders.
  • What do I do if The Saint is damaged? 
In the rare event of serious defects, we will send you a factory new product and reimburse your freight costs. When in doubt, take a photo and send it to us at