Changing of Seasons

At Polaris Lights, we want to gather thoughts and impressions from working professionals within the design community. We often talk to architects, designers and influencers to capture their thoughts on design, cultures and creativity. This October, we talked to Tamara Landia, an architect by education, lecturer at Lund University within the Strategic Communication department, and a passionate jewelry designer on her spare time. Here are her thoughts on the importance of light in our lives:

As the fall has arrived to the Nordic countries, it is a perfect time to think about finding a cosy atmosphere and creating warmth. The seasonal changes can lead to an unbalance in our lives. This is where the importance of light comes in play, as lighting is a crucial component for finding the right balance of the spirit and soul.

Scandinavian artist Olafur Eliasson has created many lights and lamps, specifically for the particular room and spaces (, thinking not only about light, but also light for people in need, sustainable light and light created in cooperation. His latest project, green light was demonstrated on 2017 Venice art biennale and suggests that cooperation is the way to tackle today´s problems:

 Tamara Landia